It is my conviction that, if a person can do a little thing he/she can do a big thing.

Emeka Anyanwu: Bringing Solutions for The Nation.

Martin Luther king Jr once said; “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve” . In my life, I have never seen anybody who can’t serve his nation. All we need to do is do more and maximise whatever we have. We are continually equipped with life experiences that teach us on effective ways to bring a desired progress in our individual lives. These personal experiences and the lessons learnt can be brought into the fore to solve our collective problems. I have had struggles and experience that I can use to serve my gift to my country. Nigeria not only has a bright future but blessed with the best of both human and natural resources.

Nigeria is a beautiful country, hugely endowed in every way and has great potentials. But, Nigeria cannot continue to be a nation of potentials after over 5 decades of gaining its independence. To whom much is given much is also expected from too. There are so much problems facing Nigeria which requires a leader with clear solution, and it is this solution that Nigerians at this stage need to focus on. A nation that produces the best of professionals in all walks of life around the world deserves the best and until the citizens understand the enormous talent within our shores, we will continue to chase shadows.

We as Nigerians deserve more and time has come for us to demand for that which we rightfully deserve. Making these demands can only be felt through the electorates’ behaviour at the polls. Time and again we’ve seen that Nigeria’s problems cannot be fixed by career politicians who continue to mortgage the lives of our children generation after generation. Any Kobo looted is millions of talent and ambitions thwarted. But now, time has come for youths of today to say enough is enough in no violent way but vigorously and persistently demanding for good governance with their PVC. It is our duty to create the Nigeria we want. A Nigeria that is truly the giant of Africa. We have what it takes in every way. Now is the time for all hands to be on deck to sensitize our youths, teach, spread the good news that things can get better if we all believe and do our part.

It is our duty to fulfil this Destiny, a destiny that gives every Nigerian dignity anywhere in the world. The destiny that makes sure that no Nigerian youth will ever again drown in the ocean or die walking under the scourging heat of Sahara desert. A destiny which will give every citizen the confidence and dignity to compete with anyone from any part of the world. A destiny that gives all citizens the confidence and peace of mind to sleep in their homes without fear of any harm. A destiny where leaders know they are here to serve the people and are accountable. We alone can create that nation that works, that plays a picture of greener pasture, an envy of those across the ocean.

A nation everyone wants to have its passport. Just as God has handed each and everyone of us an excellent future but left us with the choice to realise this promise, so is our nation. All we need to do is to develop these assets and use them to acquire the value we desperately need as individuals and as a nation.

The next four years give us an enormous opportunity. The issues of today, the corruptions of yesterday, the hardships that have become way of life, all of these have become  stepping stones of opportunities for us, given that every problem is an opportunity. Benjamin Disraeli said: “Opportunity is more powerful than prophets and conquerors.” Don’t underestimate the value of opportunities. Let us not miss this one more opportunity before us.

Leadership and opportunities are inseparable. Leaders create opportunity, but where he fails to create opportunity or fails to identify this opportunity he has created, I am afraid that person still needs to discover themselves.

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