Nothing is more terrifying than an unpredictable election. That is why the world is so concerned with election in the US. We know a lot of people couldn’t care less. Americans may appear unconcerned that it does not matter who wins. As a friend said: “I can’t see any difference between the two candidates.” I told him that he should not lose his reason. Trump and Hillary are two different individuals, though both have one thing in common – self-inflicted injuries. In fact this is what makes this election so fascinating. Would Americans be able to separate these two candidates? Or would they argue in line with my friend who is of the view that Trump and Hillary are the same.
There will be people you can’t win over. People you can’t persuade to vote for Hilary. To them the name Clinton is too common and therefore not electable. No matter what! They are more embittered and would like to take revenge.

On the other hand they see Trump as irritant, intolerable and danger to humanity. That Trump has stirred up division and hatred therefore unfit to be President of USA.

Behind all this drama, one role is so important: who is the best candidate that can Unite Americans more?
In game of power, unity and healthy relationship trump every other thing. The greatest edifice ever constructed by humans was brought down to its foundation bricks by bricks when there was disunity.
Again one goes for 1000, two for 10,000. This is an awesome figure to play around with. Americans should not be trapped in their wants and desires as to ignore their heart and mind. Americans should not lose their reason. Don’t be persuaded by bag of air. Vote creatively.#strongertogether
Emeka Anyanwu

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