The Voice Newspaper It is said: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverb 29:18. Life is about vision.Just as projectiles follow instructions from command centre, so do we follow the voice of God the giver of vision. Vision is never for private advancement. According to Dr Myles Munroe:”Vision is defined by ability to improve other’s lives.” A dream come through is when you see other people in your vision. In 2012, I and my wife, Faustina Anyanwu started a publishing and media company with the vision to give Africans and African descent a voice in global branding. We are delighted today that the objective is on course. I am deligthed and thankful to ‘The Voice Newspaper’for highlighting this vision.
Having come from a culture where you’re trained not to believe in your vision, defying this belief and to be shortlisted in The Great British Entrepreneur Award is a giant step worth celebrating. I say high five to ‘The Voice Newspaper’.

The only way to realise your vision is to believe in it. Life is meaningless if the vision is neglected or denied. God has implanted a vision in everyone to demonstrate His love to us but,due to fear of rejection by others, many tend to neglect the silent voice speaking witin them.
I love what St Paul said: “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof from such turn away.” 2Timothy 3:5

We defied critics by going ahead to publish C.Hub Magazine. We know God lives inside of us. We can’t afford to deny this mystery. We can’t afford to deny the love of God by accepting what the society has foisted on us. It is our duty to question everything the society offers. It is our responsibility to go the extra miles, in terms of going to the unknown territory, question all assumptions, shake up expectations and be courageous to move forward despite all obstacles. Begin today to be that change you wish to see, instead of blaming people for all the ills in the society. Think of what you give to your community rather than what you will receive from your community. By changing our attitudes to work and believing in our vision we can enjoy and benefit from all the good things around us. Happiness and joy is the gift of God.
Remember what David said: “A strong man completes his course with joy.”
If Joseph did not believe in his vision we would not be talking about vision today. When Abraham saw the vision that, his offsprings would be like stars in heaven, challenges along his way did not stop him. The choice is ours; to pursue our vision or be stuck along the way hoping to be taken back into Egypt because we don’t have faith in God. Every good thing is hidden, that is why Jesus told us: “Ask you shall be given; seek you shall find; knock it shall be opened.” Until we learn to come to our people with trust, our people will not give us trust. I wish everyone who believes in power of vision the very best of best:”Let us not be weary in well doing;for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.”

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