“Who am I” the single most important question in the world. Until you ask yourself this important question you cannot effectively impact on your generation. Who are you? As a child we start our life with great exuberance and enthusiasm expecting and demanding a lot from life. The reason being that we are chosen children of God, tested and confirmed by God that we are fitted for the purpose for which He created us. Our environment foisting on us a different package and concepts that put in dangerous mood that forms a paradigm that we come to affect us in all we do. We are told we are powerless and can’t do that very thing for which we are created. This the paradox of the world. This is a misconception. This is like thinking the unthinkable, coming to expect less from the world, we accept limitation that are self-imposed. We become afraid, timid and unable to set a clear objectives and with no time we settle for a mere trivial in vast ocean of wealth in the world. We contemplate a bold action and rarely bring it to action. Remember confidence is the secret of all success and where does confidence come from? It comes from self-esteem and making things happen. Because we don’t know who we are, we develop self-image different from the one God gave us and this image gives us self-fulfilling prophecy that one lives to regret.

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